2020 Summit on the Insight approach to Conflict

After a successful inaugural Insight Summit in 2019, we are looking forward to reuniting during “Insight Summit 2020” at Royal Roads University in beautiful Victoria, B.C., July 9-10. The Insight approach to conflict brings together conflict practitioners and researchers, professionals, educators, artists and students from various disciplines interested in learning how to respond to difficult and deep-rooted interpersonal, intergroup and multiparty conflict. This year’s theme is “Deepening our Practice -- Broadening our Horizons.” We are creating an interactive and collaborative space for curiosity, where we will be combining theory and skills, going deeper in our practice, and opening possibilities for cross-pollination. The Summit welcomes participants from all backgrounds and experiences with interest in this approach, as we continue to build an Insight community of practice to heal conflict and make lasting change. What emerges from our time together will be extraordinary. Join us! For further information, email Cheryl Picard at

2019 Summit on the Insight approach to Conflict

As members of the Summit planning group, our hopes are to learn, exchange ideas, network, build and sustain the Insight community, and enjoy each other’s vibrant company. This Summit was conceived a year ago, here in PEI, when we met to vision the future of the “Insight revolution”. We left this retreat optimistic that great things would happen if we brought together conflict practitioners and researchers, police officers, lawyers, social and health care professionals, educators, artists, and students already knowledgeable about the Insight approach. We were not disappointed.

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An Insight Approach Special Issue Vol. I and Vol. II

Free download of the 2 volume on-line journal “Revista de Mediación: “An Insight Approach Special Issue Vol. I and Vol. II published 2018. Articles are available in both English and Spanish at:


Volume 10 – 2017, No. 2

  • Introduction by Megan Price
  • Why a fourth mediation model: opportunities and integration of the insight mediation model by Santiago by Madrid Liras
  • Insight mediation: a reflective and pedagogical model to address conflicts by Salvador Garrido Soler
  • The Origins, Principles and Practices of Insight Mediation by Cheryl Picard

Volume 11 – 2018, No. 1

  • Method in Analyzing Conflict Behavior: The Insight Approach by Jamie Price
  • Asking more than, «How did that make you feel?: The Insight approach to feeling and valuing in conflict by Marnie Jull
  • Change through Curiosity in the Insight Approach to Conflict by Megan Price
  • Acknowledgments by Santiago Madrid Liras
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Summer Sessions for Conflict Professionals

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Practicing Insight Mediation

Practicing Insight Mediation (2016) by Dr. Picard is a book about how insight mediators do their work and why they do it that way. It speaks to practitioners seeking the `missing link` in their own practice, and to students studying communication, conflict resolution and mediation skills. It “is filled with insights that point to practical wisdom and offers sage advice for mediators accustomed to any approach” (Dr. Vern Neufeld Redekop). This book offers practitioners a one of a kind skills-based focus of theoretically supported mediation interventions that are depicted through illustrations, explanations and examples.

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Transforming Conflict through Insight

Transforming Conflict through Insight (2008) by Dr. Kenneth Melchin and Dr. Cheryl Picard explores a novel line of reflection on conflict that focuses on learning as a requirement for generating change. “Transforming Conflict through Insight launches a revolution in the way we understand, analyze and seek to resolve conflict; it takes reflective practice in the conflict resolution field to an entirely new level” (Dr. Jamie Price). Exploring conflict resolution as learning provides readers with important insights about how to deal with conflict in their lives.

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Peer Refereed Journal Articles

Additional journal articles

"Exploring an Integrated Framework for Understanding Mediation," Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Vol. 21 Spring 2004:295-311.

"Learning about Learning - The Value of Insight", Conflict Resolution Quarterly Vol. 20 No. 4, 2003:477-484.

"Common Language, Different Meaning: What Mediators Mean When They Talk About Their Work," Negotiation Journal, July 2002:251-269.

"The Ways of Mediators," Journal of Pastoral Sciences, 20 (1), 2001:73-92.

"Why Mediators Mediate," Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Manual. Toronto: CCH Canadian Limited Volume 1 June 2003:1501-1584

Working Papers

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A Review of the Literature on Insight - Megan Price, George Mason University

Exploring Threats-to-Cares in Insight Mediation - Dr. Cheryl Picard

The Insight Approach and Principled Negotiation: Exploring Resonances in the Two Approaches - Marnie Jull

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The Insight Approach as Method In Conflict Resolution - Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution