Insight Mediation

If conflict is to change, new insights that expand what parties currently know are required. Insights are generated from curious, non-judgmental listening and questioning focused on: 1) what parties think they know about each other’s intents 2) how they are protecting what matters to them and 3) what led them to decide to interact in the way they have. Questions are structured to foster new interpretations, new meanings, and new connections that make space for parties to seek new ways of interacting. Learning more about oneself in relation to others releases conflicting parties from the necessity of threat and the recurrent patterns of interaction that block their ability to craft non or at least less conflictual ways of interacting. Helping parties gain insights that transform conflicts through a framework for understanding how to break through closed-minds and move toward less threatening possibilities offers hope for changing a conflict riddled world.

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The insight approach to conflict has been shown to be successful in workplace, family, church and neighbourhood conflicts

The power of the Insight approach lies in using a learning methodology to intervene in conflict rather than relying on negotiation and problem-solving practices. The depth of theoretical and reflexive foundations in the Insight approach enables conflict practitioners to identify what they are doing, and why, thus permitting the use of more varied, creative and flexible interventions than would be found in prescriptive-type conflict models. The Insight approach makes room for the power of curiosity and authentic engagement as drivers of change.

The Insight approach to conflict has been shown to be successful in workplace, family, church and neighbourhood conflicts, and by collaborative lawyers, financial planners and mental health professionals. Through Insight policing projects, a number of American police officers have been trained to use Insight skills when addressing violent retaliatory crimes.

Insight and Elder Mediation

“Insight Mediation provides Elder Mediators with the skills to assist family members to think differently about the reasons for their conflict; to learn how to communicate differently; to choose to interact differently with family members. The key to these new patterns of interaction is the deep “learning” acquired through insight. Insight Mediation is the perfect approach to Elder Mediation as it helps family members to make, what are at times, extremely difficult decisions for the family. Insight Mediation offers the potential to nurture family relations in challenging times.” Elizabeth Sterritt M.Ed., OCT, AccFM., AccEM, Chair, Elder Mediation Committee OAFM

Insight Mediation Offers an Innovative Approach to Elder Mediation - Dr. Cheryl Picard and Elizabeth Sterritt